PhonePe highlights its uses by releasing its new anthem


PhonePe releases its new ad is an anthem which is long for 2 minutes. This uses both dance and music and showcases that how life can get simplified by using this app. This anthem is listing the different uses of this app which includes movie ticket booking, payments at stores and etc. This is a new ad that shows the benefits of the app and it’s making others aware of the PhonePe. This is portraying that PhonePe can be used for making mobile recharges, gas bills, and other kinds of household expenses. It also acts as a reference to the PhonePe Gold section of the app. This particular section allows the users to purchase the virtual gold.

PhonePe is a famous Indian Digital Wallet platform and online payment company. This is headquartered in Banglore, India. It is an app that makes life easier through a convenient payment method. The users of this app are mainly attracted to this due to the various functions offered by the PhonePe app. This ad is illustrating the life of different people and they are enjoying the different functions or services available through PhonePe. 

Apart from the reference to the gold purchase, this gives a quick reference to traveling. That is mainly focused on the feature that this app can be used throughout the country. PhonePe is accepted all over India. The users can users this app in different parts across the country. This is also showing that this app can be used to send gift vouchers to others. Food ordering is also possible through this app.

Another major significance is this app can be used by everyone without any barriers. The major target of this ad is noted in the endpoint. PhonePe helps the user to become ‘atmanirbhar’ or self-sufficient. All the features and services available in this app are very strong tools to become independent in life. It is not needed to depend on others to settle down the bills and expenses. And at the same time, it can save our time also. This ad almost resembles the old Airtel ad which says each friend is important to us. PhonePe is trying to convey a strong message through the latest ad in a beautiful way.

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