Detel Launches Electric Two-Wheeler at India Auto Show: Detel Easy Plus


Detel released its electric two-wheeler “Detel Easy Plus” at India Auto Show 2021 in Mumbai. It was with the launch of its new product slated for April. This “Detel Easy Plus” is considered the world’s most economic electric two-wheeler. The Detel is designed according to the needs of the Indian market. It will be the best fit for the Indian range and the price range is also affordable, the new two-wheelers will be available in four color variants which include Yellow, Red, Teal Blue, and Royal Blue. Detel is an Indian based company which is producing electric vehicles.

 Yogesh Bhatia, founder of Betel mentioned that Detel is putting all the efforts to fuel the revolution of electric vehicles in India. The auto show is the best opportunity to showcase the products of Detel’s genetics. Through supporting the Delhi government’s initiative on the switch Delhi campaign, Detel took a movement to boost EV adoption by working on the expansion of the product portfolio to build awareness of EV adoption and help combat air pollution. Indi Auto Show is the best platform to exhibit the creations. Detel introduces the best economic friendly two-wheeler through this platform. This helps the audience to understand the features of the new product. The Indian government announced various campaigns in the coming days. This announcement has happened recently and this aimed at creating awareness of electric mobility in India. This is a great opportunity for EV companies. Ev companies can manufacture and sell electric vehicles at an affordable price range. The chances of exporting are also possible in coming years. 

It opens a door towards the growth of EV companies. The customers got attracted by the affordable electric vehicles. There will be a boom in the business of electric vehicles in near future. Different Indian companies have joined and accelerated with the Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Atma Nirbhar Bharat is a campaign introduced by the Indian Government and it is trying to create a self-sufficient and self-reliant India. Detel has expanded its EV portfolio to the further propagation in the Indian EV market. 

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