Wozart launches smart home devices to save energy


Wozart is one of India’s most advanced and smart home solutions that makes our home one of its kind with a voice-controlled system, secure and energy-efficient. Wozart started this initiative into smart devices in May 2018.

It’s the very first product introduced was Aura Switch, a Switch Controller that very well fits behind the standard switchboards, it then allows the control of all connected appliances and lights to operate through our voice recognition and touch using phones, tablets, televisions, even with speakers and more devices. After bringing such ingenious switch control devices, this time the company has geared up to roll out their latest collection of smart devices that includes a wide variety of products like lighting, curtains, gates, sensors and a whole lot of universal remote systems.

The Wozart company has already set their firm position in the present market as they attract their customers in a very sensible and rational way. Some of the key factors include that, most of their products are easy to install, simple to handle, is compatible with all the major smart home ecosystems across the world. Presently available ecosystems include Apple Home Kit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings were parallel, thus making the products of Wozart the most widely used interoperable smart home device solution in the world. It is also a company which provides their consumers with a more than thousand varieties of third-party products to across the world.

Most of Wozart’s smart devices can be tweaked into an existing house, they can be easily installed without any difficulty and it doesn’t even require changing the existing electrical wiring of the house. These products can be customized with the location, name and can be controlled through Siri, Alexa etc. This property is presently available only for Apple Home App and Wozart app.

Through the Wozart App and AI-powered voice assistants, we can control and monitor these devices place in our house from where ever we are at any time. This also allows inviting any of our friends to control these devices by sending an invitation from the Wozart App. With Wozart’s ergonomic design it’s hassle-free to install as well as handle. These are automated devices for any scenario, can be operated from a single Switch for a complete building.

Manoj Malineni, the CEO of Wozart, said that “their devices and software are designed to offer the world with a smart house at an affordable price. We are excited to see how our customers enjoy the experience of these smart devices”. Price for retail products starts at Rs.2999 and the basic solution for automating a 3 BHK house starts at Rs.25000.

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