SBI Life honours mothers in a post Covid world on this Mother’s Day


SBI Life Insurance has recently launched a heartening #MummyKahanHain, a digital video on this Mother’s Day. In this video, they recognize how these lockdowns are redefining the role of a mother across the world. They are the ones who relentlessly work towards their committed responsibility and duties of a dual person, which includes working for the house and the other is working from the house.

This #MummyKahanHain, a video was released on this year’s Mother’s Day that is on the 9th of May. It is a part of SBI Life’s digital communication property which has been built over the last four years.

The digital video unfolds a day in the life of a working mother during this Covid pandemic, as seen from the perspective of her child. When it is seen in such a perspective the video showcases how the kids and their family members recognized an unfathomed side of the women in each household, it may be sometimes a mother, wife, daughter, the different positions that a woman holds, during this Covid pandemic that gave them the scenario of working from the comfort of their own house.

Witnessing the different moments in the house the child realizes and appreciates her mother for being a working woman and not just a mother alone who takes care of the household activities. Towards the end of the video, when the question of #MummyKahanHain arises, the little girl assures that her mother is always around her whenever she needs her mother.

Ravindra Sharma, the Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR of SBI Life said that “over the last one year the Covid pandemic has prompted people to work from their home to stop the further spread of the virus. But this period was very challenging and troublesome for the working parents as they had to juggle up both their working and household activities also their children throughout the day.

However, it is always the mother who finds a way to keep a balance between all these activities and thus they become the role models of their children to build a personality. It is this ability of mothers that SBI Life tried to highlight through the #MummyKahanHain digital video for this Mother’s Day “.

Heeru Dingra, the CEO of WatConsult said that “It is always that the children observe and learn from their parents. Before the covid pandemic children only knew their mother as a homemaker but with the extension in the lockdowns, children started to familiarize their mothers in the new light where she is helping others to shape a stronger character. This video tries to highlight and understand the contributions provided by a mother in her child’s life”.

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