SBI Life Insurance reveals its new product campaign


SBI Life Insurance launches a new product campaign presenting known playback singer, Shaan alongside his son Shubh.

SBI Life Insurance, one of the most trusted private life insurers in our country, revealed its new product campaign ‘Apno Ki #PoornaSuraksha’, highlighting the product’s, SBI Life’s Poorna Suraksha. It is a dual protection plan which gives complete financial protection by giving both Life cover and protection against thirty-six critical Illnesses in a single plan with an auto-rebalancing aspect which is much needed to navigate through the present uncertain times.

The new advertisement film features known playback singer, Shaan alongside his son Shubh, highlighting the need to maintain immunity during these uncertain times. The ad film starts with a charming father-son role reversal conversation, where Shaan is being interrupted by Shubh in many instances while doing his daily activities. This is done only to mention ways to boost and keep the health and immunity in check at all times.

Shaan through the film expresses how children these days have become concerned about their parent’s immunity and healthcare. That is, how kids have become their parent’s health specialists. Similarly, he continues to embrace the importance of building a healthy financial immunity for uncertain times that will enable in creating a financial cushion to safeguard oneself and our loved ones from any monetary issues led by lifestyle diseases or other unforeseen consequences.

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, nearly 60 percent of deaths in India happen because of health issues. Treatments to cure critical illnesses are usually way expensive and time-consuming, thereby making it very difficult for some families to afford the costs. Therefore, the theme of this campaign focuses on building one’s financial immunity for tough and uncertain times so that mental immunity stays safeguarded, in case of a lifestyle illness or any other unforeseen event in life.

According to Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand and Corporate Communication, SBI Life, more people are becoming concerned about their health care with the coming of uncertainties like the covid-19 pandemic. Thus there is an inflow of customers needing health insurance plans.


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