Himalaya respects and praises ‘hands’ in the new film


The Himalaya Drug Company, one of India’s driving health brands, features the significance of sustaining and thinking about our hands with Himalaya Hand Cream, through their most recent film as a component of the campaign, #LoveYourHands

The film, set in the present-day setting, exhibits all the work that our hands do while being occupied with house tasks, frequent hand washing, sterilizing, cleaning, and underlines the significance of hand care. This TVC delightfully catches the everyday exercises that are done, with an update that those busy hands require most extreme consideration and sustenance.

The current situation has brought the emphasis back to the significance of handwashing and hand cleanliness. The circumstance has additionally required an adjustment for a change in habits and more consideration on cleanliness

Ordinary washing of hands regularly leaves them dry and extended. Himalaya Hand Cream is a strong blend of normal herbs spices improved with the goodness of Rose Myrtle and Cocoa Butter, which gives a dry and harsh skin, helps to fortify the skin’s barrier function, causing our hands to feel soft and gentle. This non-oily cream is immediately consumed by the skin, thereby hydrating and improving skin surface, with an update for individuals of all age groups to moisturize their hands routinely.

Mr. Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director-Consumer Products Division, the Himalaya Drug Company, stated that “Today, like never before, hand cleanliness and washing hands as often as possible has gotten significant, and there is a developing awareness among consumers about the requirement for moisturizing hands after washing. While dealing with the sanitation needs, consumers are additionally stressed over the brutal impacts of the continuous utilization of soaps on hands. As a believed health brand, Himalaya has consistently dealt with clients developing needs. Himalaya Hand Cream is prepared with natural elements that help to avoid hands from getting dry from regular washing.  Our center of attention is to assist individuals with giving the genuinely necessary love and care to their hands while keeping them clean and sanitized

Featuring the knowledge behind this campaign, Chief Creative Officers at Mullen Lintas, Garima Khandelwal & Azazul Haque, stated that, “The understanding for the film comes directly from the new reality that we are largely living in. With the expanded wellbeing measures and the lockdown, there is an effect on our hands, which are doing far more than they are utilized to. While the visual language remains an essential piece of our regular daily existences, the track is young and energetic, guaranteeing that the pith of the brand feels relatable. Hands that do so much deserve a little extra love and care, being the idea.


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