Ranveer Singh and BigMuscle Nutrition collaborate for a new campaign


Big muscle nutrition is India’s leading nutrition company. The company is known for it supplementing its high-quality level proteins. The brand has been the number one or favorite for motivated gymmer’s. 

Recently the brand has released a campaign with its brand ambassador. The campaign is titled #PerformancehiPehchaan. This translates to performance as one’s identity. Ranveer Singh has in general been the fitness icon for the country for quite some time now. During the course of his training for the films Ramleela, Bajirao Mastani, and Padmaavat, his sheer hard work for his built body was much appreciated.

Ever since then having a great body as Ranveer has been everyone’s goal. Young men idolize his determination and aspire to have the end goal of their fitness journey similar to his. In this ad, we also realize the importance protein has on one’s fitness journey. 

Big muscle nutrition guarantees the protein intake to be top-notch when using their product. The ad was conceptualized by Medulla communications and it intends to gain the attention of fitness lovers in the country.

In this case, who better do it than Ranveer Singh? The ad begins with Ranveer Singh physically training and working out at various stages. His workout can be perceived as intense and physically pushing his boundaries or limits. 

Throughout this course, Ranveer is motivated and pushed to do better due to his strong and required companion, the big muscle nutrition protein shake. The ad has his voice over and it explains how his performance is great and hence his identity too. The reality is that he is able to live in such a state due to his relationship with Bug muscles nutrition.

Jitika Gupta, marketing head, BigMuscles Nutrition, said, “We wanted to be a part of the journey of the fitness enthusiasts across India. From the largest city to the smallest town, we wanted every serious gymmer to know about the visible performance of the products. The message that the brand wanted to send out is ‘Your performance is our pehchaan’ and that’s what we promise to deliver – ‘performance that helps build one’s own pehchaan (identity).’

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