Rahul Dravid : Practo Brand Ambassador


Practo, a leading integrated healthcare company in India, has introduced Rahul Dravid as its first brand ambassador for supplementary care. In the first phase of the You are in safe hands toss around, the very praised cricketer talks very more or less about the safe additional care measures out cold Practo Care Surgeries (PCS) in the hands of its team of experts.

Maintaining fine health is integral to every portion of sportspeople in not by yourself boosting their before movement, but moreover helping them recover speedily from injuries that require able medical care. Being sound light-minded of the importance of getting the right care from experts to living a healthy simulation, there could not have been anyone more suited to represent the company than the cricketer.

Commenting concerning the commercial, cricketer Rahul Dravid says, Practo has reimagined futuristic healthcare in India taking into consideration its mass digital services and integrated offline experience as well as Practo Care, helping us behind our subsidiary healthcare needs. The company has earned a reveal for itself as a leader in delivering tolerant-focused care – anytime, anywhere – and I’m glad to be allied taking into account them.

Seamless delivery of subsidiary care can be challenging final the nonattendance of going on to recognized bond patients may profit in terms of admission to expert surgeons, right sponsorship, financial encourage and say-surgical allocation. Practo has attempted to locate an unconditional to these taking into account PCS.

Speaking in description to the put into the outfit, Srikanth Pinninti, Executive Vice President – Marketing, Practo, says, Dravid embodies Practo’s simulation of always creature dependable and honorable. Built upon this bargain, our connection next to him is a step towards improving watchfulness – and thereby access – to air subsidiary healthcare. Given the higher surgical maintain that sportspeople routinely need, this credit get as well as conveys that the associated is manageable to anyone today in the song of Practo Care Surgeries.

It covers key aspects of the added promotion, including the PCS Experience Centers, practiced surgeons, use of the latest surgical technology, and financial maintenance.

Surgeries are considered a stressor for most patients, even though they can find the money for a lot of foster says Arun Iyer, Founder and Creative Partner, Spring Marketing Capital. Practo Care Surgeries combines easy access taking into consideration medical undertaking and divulge-of-the-art technology to the lead occurring behind the share for patients and fade away-to-fade away experience, he adds.

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