AcneStar Face wash creates a conversation with influencers for digital outreach


AcneStar Face wash, the anti-acne product from the house of Mankind Pharma has rolled out a new digital and social media strategy with the start of the year. The brand, in the first phase, has collaborated with a set of influencers to share the message loud, and reach out to the target audience. To strengthen the brand’s presence across varied regions and increase the market penetration, AcneStar face wash has also collaborated with regional influencers to widen the reach. Influencers like That Indian Chick, Aashika Bhatia, Koushani, Ketaki Mategaonkar, Akshara Singh, Shrenu have shared their finicky experiences how they usually face acne problems in their daily lives, and even after applying numerous creams there was no relief until their hands got on AcneStar Face wash. 

The problem of acne is quite common in people of all age groups but, especially among teenagers. Acne can have severe effects on mindset and lower your self-confidence. AcneStar face wash has the goodness of aloe vera, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and extracts of basil, calendula chamomile which helps in fighting acne and pimples to give you clear skin, free from acne. It Contains Milii capsules that help the face wash act as a moisturizer.

To generate awareness around the product and highlight its benefits, the brand has decided to take the route of influencer marketing, and connect with people with real-life problems. The brand’s objective to be authentic and true towards the message.  AcneStar has decided to focus on digital platforms given the engagement and audience presence there.

This year, the company’s core strategy is to reach out to the customers looking for anti-acne products. For effective reach, the brand will primarily use digital media to build organic reach around the product. The company also has plans to leverage 360* marketing, and take the route of television in the later phase for wider reach. 

Speaking on the development, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager Sales & Marketing, ManKind Pharma said, “We have seen a good jump in the sales figures for AcneStar Face wash, and this has pushed us to serve the market and establish ourselves as a crucial brand among millennials. There is a gap in the market for Acne products, and we are here to fill that space with our product and win customers’ hearts. Our products are known for their quality standards, and we will keep investing to serve the customers. 

He also added, “AcneStar Face wash is a new brand in the market and we have received a huge response from people. This year our focus is to build the target audience, and reach out to the different markets and for this we have developed new strategies which will be rolled out in a graded manner. Our objective is to interact and build a loyal customer base at the same time strengthen our digital presence”. 

Amidst pandemic, the company has seen a positive response and a boost in the demand for AcneStar Face Wash.. This made the brand focus on the product, and invest in the marketing channels for promotion to garner a larger pie of the market share.

Mankind Pharma is one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in India. It entered into the OTC Skincare Segment by launching AcneStar range of products such as gel and soap in the year 2016. After receiving a positive response from the market, the brand decided to expand the product portfolio and has launched AcneStar Face wash to penetrate the market, and build a newer set of customers.

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