Ad Land’s Young Guns: Shivani Sharma is Manager


Shivani Sharma is the Manager of Ekank Technologies‘ Content Creation Department. She began working as a content writer for the platform ThisDay at the age of 22. Indian history, art, religion, and mythology are Sharma’s main interests.  

Shivani Sharma talks to Adgully about her influences, advice for young people, future ambitions, and more. 

What specific skills do you think you can contribute? 

A reasonably unbiased view of history, art, culture, and heritage, mixed with narrative-driven storytelling, allows the general public to enjoy themselves while learning about diverse cultures and their stories. The same passion translates into a managerial approach that allows me to empathize with our storytelling community, which is beset by a scarcity of chances in the ever-expanding creator economy. 

How’d you end up at your current employer?  

Initially, I joined as a creator, but the organization’s vision connected with what I had always wanted to achieve. I eventually became a full-time member of the team to help more people like me who have a lot of tales to tell but get lost in the plethora of platforms accessible. When you come across a start-up with a goal that is so similar to yours, it’s exciting, and that’s exactly what happened when I first started as a creator with ThisDay.  

What does it take to be a successful employee? 

For me, it takes a lot of effort and attention. Because this job demands you to be present in a variety of locations, it can be challenging to handle at times, but with your devotion and hard work, you can succeed in this profession. While this is true and basic, it is also crucial to have a passion for the cause you are working for. Getting up every day and going to work while ensuring that production does not suffer is mostly motivated by passion rather than diligence. 

What advice would you provide to young people considering a career in this field? 

If you want to work in this industry or any other field, keep in mind that it’s critical to make progress in whatever you’re doing, to be willing to learn new things, and to listen to your critics, who include your followers, supervisors, and users.  

In five years, where do you see yourself?  

Because we live in uncertain times, it’s a little hazy.  

Is there a future organization with which you’d like to collaborate?  

The prospect of switching to another company is frightening because it is difficult to find the same set of values and a fun-loving workplace. 

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