Advertisers Apply Brand Values To Media Spending Decisions


According to the Advertiser Perception Trust 2021 Report, Advertiser media spending decision has changes to meet advanced consumer demands around brand safety and corporate responsibility, with increasing support for quality media created by real people.

As per the report, in 2021, the percentage of advertisers that apply corporate responsibility and brand value to media decisions has boosted by 20% from last year that is 82%.

The report was hatch after questioning 250 advertisers, where 66% were agencies and 34% marketers, recommending that both agencies and brand’s working together on these concerns.

Sarah Bolton, Executive Vice President of Business Intelligence at Advertising Perception, said, “Corporate social responsibility and business ethics are currently receiving unwavering recognition from C-Suite. Many business leaders are reconsidering their companies ethics or principle and how well are they upheld. “

Half of the advertisers(54%) will change how and where they spend media funds to, defund disinformation and 59% will demote media partners based on the trust element, where 40% has already done it this year.

Plus, four out of five advertisers think brands need control over who earn profit from the ad placements whereas, 77% say it’s difficult to determine who get the profits. Likewise, two-third think advertise within authentic news is brand safe whereas, 64% believe advertising outside news sites is safe for a brand to avoid issues.

Between these contradictory opinions, brands and agencies are trying to find out the best options to balance and satisfy the needs of clients and consumers.

While brand safety is a top trust-related issue that causes downgrading an ad partner, the importance of data privacy have decreased with data security violation as a concern for 36% of respondents down from 53%; consumer data privacy for 27% down, from 40% and misuse of first-party data by 30% down from 31%.

Overall, brand safety,  data violation and misuse and related issues currently are advertisers main concerns. Plus, 79% of advertisers feel it is the platform responsibility to handle harmful content on their sites including, the content posted by the users.

Whereas advertisers are now relying on brand safety technology to eliminate harmful content, many are also supporting quality media content generated by people.” stated Bolton.

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