Text Analytics: Boost Customer Experience


Customer experience is the opinion or impression the customer has about a brand during all stages of the consumption process, including pre-purchase, consumption and post-purchase stages.

Due to technological advancement customers, can share their purchase experience and review product and express their opinion regarding the services provided by the brand without hesitation. A positive customer experience is essential to run a business successfully because a happy and satisfied customer is most likely to become a loyal and regular customer. A good review of a brand can help a business generate new leads while retaining the existing ones.

Text Feedback is one of the easiest ways a customer can interact with a brand. An increased number of surveys and customer responses can help to collect better data set. But processing such vast data is a time-consuming and complicated task. Mainly when 80% of the customer provided data is unstructured, semi-structured & textual, which makes it difficult to process and extract insight compared to structured data.

But thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence that provides a tool called text analytics that helps in deriving meaning, insight, trends and common patterns in this unstructured data.

How does Text Analytics help in boosting Customer Experience?

AI-based technology, text analytics can provide real-time data that help organizations built connections with the users. By conducting surveys, you can interact with the relevant customer directly, which make them feel that their feedback is valued. This help converting negative viewer or user into a loyal customer, increase lead and conversion rate.

By asking open-ended question’s customers is given a chance to identify or provide opinions on what is or is not satisfying services and why. These will help businesses to improve or fix their error areas.

Asking continuous feedback can help in understanding customer behaviour, trends and pattern. It is the fastest way to receive pointers when launching a new product or service.

Using a visual dashboard helps in tracking and understand customer emotional experience. This help predicting, how specific changes are affecting a particular area of business and provide insight on overall customer satisfaction metrics.

Every business defines its brand objectivity and guarantee a delightful experience. However, it is the consumer who validates this claim based on their experience. Although the experience may differ from person to person, the average outcome used indifferent delivery against expectations. Hence, it is vital to have an open-ended feedback system that will help to provide actionable insight and boost customer relationships with the brand.

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