SYSOTEL joins hands with ByteIQ Analytics for innovation


SYSOTEL, a fanatical software and technological solutions provider to the hospitality sector, recently joined forces with ByteIQ Analytics, a knowledge innovation company that leverages the facility of knowledge analytics to uncover business opportunities.

This strategic partnership has strengthened SYSOTEL’s flagship product – SYSIRMS, an AI-based Intelligent Revenue Management System – into harnessing the facility of knowledge science to assist hospitality partners accelerate their operations. Using complete AI/ML technology with no requirement of human interference, SYSIRMS addresses the present needs of the hospitality segment and helps to spice up their productivity and accelerate business recovery. Through SYSIRMS, players within the hospitality segment can optimize revenue, offer dynamic pricing, monitor sales procedures, and distribute their inventory across all sellable channels to push profit margins.

It enables hotels to possess a robust understanding and hold over their revenue management; a critical factor liable for fine-tuning pricing, managing inventory, and identifying customer segments to enhance or optimize their marketing expenses. Furthermore, through the platform hoteliers also can enable contact-less guest management by use of the foremost recent Gadgets.

Raj Sahu, a CEO, SYSOTEL, said, “As a tech enabling company dedicated to the hospitality sector; our association with the like-minded, creative and innovative team at ByteIQ Analytics has helped us leverage our expertise to supply the simplest solutions, tailored to the requirements of our customers. We have combined machine learning with expert human input to enable our AI system to wish care of varying needs of the hospitality industry from marketing research and reputation management to competitive pricing analysis. The hospitality sector is digitizing rapidly to satisfy newer challenges and evolving market demands; which we , at SYSOTEL are using our best-in-class technology products and platforms, to work out it because the one-stop solution for hospitality tech.”

In the hospitality sector, business entities got to optimize the management of their resources to make sure maximum revenue retention across their premises. Predictive analytics supported historical and future data, intelligent algorithms, and market variables help business entities take evidence-backed decisions.

Through data analytics, hoteliers can understand the market segment and obtain a 360-degree customer view which will eventually help them create a memorable experience for patrons . Further, through data integration businesses can identify risks, competitors, forecast the micro-environment, and learn to remain before the curve.
It is equally reassuring for hoteliers to have data that help them innovate products, services, and offerings to target the right customer group on priority. To run a successful and high-quality data integration, businesses also incorporate a uniform data governance policy for long-term customer trust and recognition. Although in their nascent phase, SYSOTEL aims to feature 1000 Indian hotels till the year-end and enhance the revenues of 3000+ hotels. On the other hand, ByteIQ Analytics has successfully positioned itself because the info innovation partner for several businesses, government bodies, and academic institutes, both in India also as globally.

Sabitra Panda, the co-founder and chief data scientist for ByteIQ Analytics has joined SYSOTEL’s planning board and can still be the constant guide for the event , deployment, and fine-tuning of SYSIRMS. He is an alumnus of IIM Indore and NIT Rourkela. He has long-standing expertise within the field of analytics and data science, with quite 15 years of experience in a number of the foremost sought-after brands in India as well as globally. He played an instrument in fixing the initial analytics division for, one among India’s fastest growing eyewear companies, during its early years of operation (One of the earliest unicorns from India now).

SYSOTEL is an entrepreneurial venture as a neighborhood of Start-Up India. Launched this year, SYSOTEL aims to assist the struggling hospitality industry [affected by the prevailing pandemic] to extend its productivity and accelerate its recovery. The tech enterprise develops software with a scientific and algometric process to enable high-intensity performance value against the necessity of industry and clients; helping them upscale while retaining their core offerings.

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