Agro Tech foods sets foot in chocolate confectionery category


As part of its commitment to offering healthy and nutritional products to consumers, Agro Tech Foods Ltd has added yet another product to its portfolio, under the brand name Sundrop Duo.

Sundrop Duo is a delectable coconut sweet, with a fusion of coconut in the centre and a chocolate layer wrapped around it.  

The launch of the new chocolate was covered through a television commercial, depicted in sic different languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and Kannada. The brand Sundrop Duo promises to offer a unique taste with a twist. The tagline reads “Taste ka asli fusion.”  

The TV commercial shows a Sikh man singing a Tamil song for his beloved Tamil girl, and aims to show the fusion of two elements. Similarly, the newly launched product is also a fusion of two different, but unique tastes, and also a fusion of taste and health, which results in a “real and juicy coconut-filled, rich, milky chocolatey Sundrop Duo”.  

Responding to the new product launch and TV commercial, Mr Asheesh Sharma, Vice President Marketing, Agro Tech Foods Ltd, said that consumers have been demanding products that are both indulgent and nutritious from their favourite brands. Introducing Sundrop Duo is a step towards fulfilling this unmet consumer need for such a product that has been craved by the consumers.   

A huge growth opportunity for Sundrop opens with this launch as the brand enters the chocolate confectionery segment. With this offering, Agro Tech intends to continue the mantra of bringing unique and value-added products tailored specifically to the needs of the Indian consumer. Presented through a cross-cultural and multilingual love story, the commercial strategically positions this product as a blend of health and taste – he added.  

The public limited company, Agro Tech Foods Ltd focuses on the business of marketing food and food ingredients to consumers and institutional customers, with the purpose of “Nourishing families, enriching life”. Ready-to-cook snacks, spreads & dips, ready-to-eat snacks, breakfast cereals and cereals are some of the food categories where the has invested in. Chocolate confectionery is the newest addition to this portfolio.   

Agro Tech Foods Ltd is affiliated with ConAgra Foods Inc. of the USA, one of the world’s largest companies in the packaged food category. 

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