AI Drives Indian Economy Towards Growth


A report by the Niti Aayog claims that artificial intelligence is expected to improve India’s annual growth rate by 1.3% in 2035. The report also says that there is a potential large scale AI adoption in different sectors. India is one of the front-runners in adopting AI technology to fill the gap that the pandemic has made.

According to a survey by IDC, more than 2000 IT and line of business decision makers agreed the adoption of AI globally. AI is a transformation technology using which humans live and work helping continuous tasks or customizing products and services. It also helps humans by reducing the error rate as the technology is automated and only follow data inputs rather than human perceptions. AI makes accurate predictions and has high solution making efficiency. AI examines the data and works accordingly. The reason why different sectors adopt AI is to automate the support operations to reduce cost and to maintain and deliver better customer engagement and experience.

Some of the vital sectors utilizing AI technology during Covid-19 pandemic:

Adapting AI technology in Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies are switching to AI technologies like cloud platforms and drone cameras that bridge the lack of human intervention and at the same time work as a supplement. The usage of AI technology has minimised the human surveillance in the factory and maximised AI detections. The technology also aims on the cloud-based system that deploys a combination of visual analytic models, mathematical models and neutral network models to analyze existing video feeds from cameras from the factory floor.

New applications to improve healthcare: Aayog setu is an app which works AI technology was introduced by the Indian Government to confront the pandemic. The app is providing precautions to the citizens by sending them alerts and providing services at a real-time.

Agritech start-ups come to aid farmers: The regular chain of agricultural supply got interrupted due to the pandemic. Son the agritech start-ups are helping farmers connect with buyers, automate supply chains and build the next layer data analytics to drive efficiency by using AI. It also helps with actionable advisories to farmers through mobile in regional languages on farm sensors.


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