AI is the Real-time Weapon in hospitality wage theft warfare


AI is a wide area and vast-ranging tool at the same time it’s a technological revolution that empowers people to re-examine how to rapidly and extensively integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making and it is transforming every movement of life. After uncovering wage theft in the Australian hospitality industry brought by celebrity chefs George Calombaris and Heston Blumenthal two of Australia’s unions are changing to artificial intelligence to help workers stand up for their rights.

AI transforming the world and raising prime questions for the public, the economy, and governance. AI integrated into various sectors. This includes fields such as finance, national security, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, etc.

After uncovering wage theft and introduction of an AI-powered mobilise app in the Australian hospitality industry.The rights of the workers enough protective. They get a voice against wage theft. Wage theft is the practice defined as an employer deliberately not paying an employee their entitlements, including superannuation award and penalty rates, or leave. After the introduction of the AI-powered mobilise app workers in the Australian hospitality industry can easily access information about pay, hours, and help with bullying and sexual harassment claims. Wage theft is torture to employees it like an epidemic in the Australian hospitality industry. But AI does not allow it to grow deeper.

Hospo voice and the  Australian trade unions jointly introduce mobilise to help workers and many of the workers receive thousands of dollars back pay. Mobilise is based on an identical app in the united states which helped Walmart employees. This new technology deals with all issues of workers in the hospitality industry.

After the introduction of this new technological revolution workers realized how deeply they were underpaid and exploited. Some of the current workers and IBM  Watson powered Artificial intelligence answered about different tools like pay checker, Records my hours, an online harassment diary, and a fact sheet with tips on how to enforce workplace rights and this AI-powered mobilise changes their life. It is great new resources and enough to make decisions that are more protective of their rights. Which will give workers across hospitality access to critical information that can constantly modernized and refined.AI may be a revolution in human affairs and become the single most influential human innovation in history.


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