AI-powered Instagram to conceal offensive comments


The most famous photo and video sharing application Instagram has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. As a part of the celebration, it has come up with an exciting update for its humongous users. Instagram is powered with Artificial Technology to provide mind-blowing features.

Instagram rolls out some exciting visual features. One of the features is allowing users to change their Instagram application icon. With this new update, anyone can change their app icon according to their wish. Another exhilarating feature is taking care of cuss language in the comment section.

Social media applications have given the users full freedom to express their thoughts and post them publicly on the platform. Overexploitation has paid a way to the use of abusive languages in the comment section. It actually creates a bad impression of the application. The issue has been taken care of by Instagram as it comes up with an update of hiding offensive comments automatically.

Instagram will detect the cuss comments and automatically conceals it using AI. The detection will be done based on the previously reported offensive comments. The user can view hidden comments anytime by tapping on “View Hidden Comments” respectively. In addition to that, it will automatically delete the comments which violate the community guidelines. Users can experience this feature in the beta version of the application.

Another useful update from the application is showing a warning to the ones who repeatedly post insulting stuff. It is working on its “Nudge” feature which will notify users when they post disgusting or awful comments. The “Nudge” feature was rolled out last year and it created a tremendous impact on decreasing the negative comments or interactions in the platform. Instagram took this initiative regarding a year older and now has powered itself with AI to work smarter.

The nudge feature is working in the current feature by prompting the poster only once but in the new feature, it will show warnings when repeated many times. Talking about languages, this feature will currently work on English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish and it is planning to include other languages in the future.


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