AI Readiness & Importance of Ethics in Technology Sector


Artificial Intelligence is bringing new technology and changes to the world every day. The main reason for this is ‘AI Readiness’. People are willing to take technological changes as they are living in a society where intelligence and robotics do most of the job. But here, there is a problem with ethics. Though people are so much fond of technology, they do not take into consideration its ethical part. 

The steps taken by organizations to the next stage or to the ongoing triumph depending on having the right factors in place across skills and resources, infrastructure and technology, process, and the module is AI readiness. Different organizations could be at different stages in the AI journey. To follow and create real value for AI initiative, organizations should have a degree of AI readiness

Organizational readiness: Organizations that choose to work seriously on AI and make development must have a proper organizational structure, leadership, and talent among employees. A clear head of why, how, and what to work and strategy to plan for creating the vision reality are the mandatory readiness. Stakeholders of the company must be willing to sponsor and support the initiative.

Technological readiness: The Company needs equipped infrastructure and technologies like cloud-based tools and services, analytics tools and algorithms, effective software development processes, and methods to adhere to AI readiness.

Financial readiness: AI technology could be expensive. So, all the inventiveness needs a budget on money, labor, and technological usage.

Cultural readiness: The organization must have culture, mindset, and set of processes to promote scientific innovation and disruptions. The decisions one takes on AI-related queries should incorporate data into account. Ethics must be inserted with the working system as it is frequently ignored in the AI development process. Ethics and trustworthiness are very important. 

AI looks like a simple thing when people speak or read about it. Although, working with AI and making use of it in everyday life involves a lot of processes and strategies. AI compulsorily requires good infrastructure, skills, and data to progress. AI ethics is not considered quite often. If AI takes initiative to work with the ethics to protect human data privacy, then it could lead to a safe AI future.


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