ABB India acquires the largest agro chemical sector


ABB India, headquartered in India was founded on 1949. Their products are mainly on power, heavy electrical equipment, and robotics and automation technology. When we talk about their systems, they work on Control systems, network management, safety, power electronics etc.

The current news

ABB India has bagged the country’s largest automation order for an agro chemical sector. Deccan Fine Chemicals is the company that has given its automation order to ABB India. The company is the largest manufacturer of chemicals that are needed to the agro chemical industries, pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals. Deccan Fine chemicals has three units that’s has highly automated production plants, warehouse, lab and other advanced facilities for effective manufacturing of the product.

What is the order all about? This order deals with the automation technology and safety systems.

As we all know automation is ruling the whole world in every industry. ABB India is going to work on the automation technology and safety systems for agro chemical sector. “This mission critical automation and safety controls over 100 reactors at the largest multi-product plant , at their SEZ (special economic zone) facility in Tuni, Andrapradesh,” ABB India said in a statement.  They mainly provide solution for high availability and high fault tolerance by using the critical controller and servers.

Automation and chemical industry

Basically automation in any industry happens with the help of computers or robots and information technologies. Automation in chemical industry is useful to give solutions for many problems that arises. Chemical plants with go through many challenges and issues. It cannot be avoided but can be solved by the automation. The entire process can be automated that is from control system to weighing technology to batch requirement. These automations can be customized according to the requirements of every individual plants.

Advantages of automation

Due to the digitalization, the technologies can help the agro chemical industry to get more profit, increases the volume of the business and also helps to accommodate the demand. It will also improve the quality of the product, efficiency of the process and decrease in the production time.

ABB’s operation

The company is very much interested to provide the best service for their project which they have got from Deccan Fine Chemicals. They are more into producing efficient process for manufacturing operations. This will in turn be an advantage for both the companies as a whole. That is ABB will provide with the best solution with their automation technology and Deccan Fine chemicals will receive the best solutions for the challenges they face.


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