About Oppo: That looks like Apple


Oppo is one big and familiar company that is well known and hits the market with great products. On the list, the company’s next is a smart watch that is quite similar to that of the apple watch by its look and design.

But having a similar look doesn’t make any product a lousy product. Even purchasing this smart watch is a worthy deal and it is reliable because the product is launched by one of the greatest smartphone companies in the world, Oppo.

Unlike the firstOppo Watch, which ran very basic software, this upcoming device will use Google’s wear OS. There’s little or noelse weall knowabout the new Oppo watch at the instant, though supported a promotional GIF that the corporateprovided, it’s tons just likethe original. Which itself looked incredibly almost like an Apple Watch.
Vice President of OPPO, shared the first image of smart wear that the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to launch on the market. Oppo calls the model “possibly the neatestwatch this year,”

This photo proof that shows a smart watch inspired by the Apple watch design and even the watch face matches Apple. We can also notice the watch has a metal frame, which in the concrete model displayed would be gold, and will have two buttons in the right area next to a hole that appears to be a microphone. The curved screen will be integrated with a said edge to give it a more continuous and rounded appearance.
The wear is going to have something like the previous version. Then it’ll likely have an AMOLED screen, eSIM for LTE and cellular calls, pulse monitoring, and water resistance up to 3ATM (or 5ATM on a biggermodel).
We won’t know the completespecs, price, and availability details till July 31st, except fornow, those that are brooding aboutbuying a Wear OS smart watch might want to wait and see if this mightbe worth considering. Something that we would assure is the pitfall of the existing wear that uses the OS device in recent years.
Unfortunately, the Oppo Wear won’t have the brand new Snapdragon Wear 4100+ or Wear 4100 processors, which were announced and promise much more in the way of additional power and battery life.
With this state of various questions and thinking, let’s hope for something good and productive would enter into the market and benefit society.


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