AISECT Group celebrates and honours employees at the Aspire Awards ceremony

AISECT Group celebrates and honours employees at the Aspire Awards ceremony
AISECT Group celebrates and honours employees at the Aspire Awards ceremony

National, 07th December 2023: To celebrate the accomplishments of its employees, AISECT Group organised the Aspire Awards on 2nd December. During this programme, a session on the topic “Masterclass for Peak Performance” was organized by International Business Coach Dr. Ujjwal Patni where he shared the mantras of success with the audience.

He touched upon the C.O.R.E Leader Strategy saying that an organization looks for four things in its employees, the first of which is – Committed to Completion i.e. employees who think of completing the work and not procrastinating, second – is Organization First. That is, employees always progress in the organization who keep the organization as the priority, third – role models for others i.e. live life in such a way that they become an inspiration to others, fourth – excellence oriented i.e. to do the work in the best possible way.

He also shared 12 habits of success and mentioned if any person adopts them in life, it will lead them to a successful career. These habits include starting the day with gratitude, praying daily for what you want to achieve, prioritizing the day’s tasks, and presenting yourself to others in the best possible way, which includes improving your personality and dressing up.

Dr. Siddharth Chaturvedi, Executive Vice President of AISECT highlighted the 38-year journey of AISECT Group and talked about the way forward possibilities. He expressed his gratitude to all the AISECT employees who came from across the country and extended best wishes to the colleagues who were honoured today.

Santosh Choubey, Chairman of AISECT Group, said in his statement “The journey of AISECT was started with 6-7 people. Today we stand at more than 2500 employees. We were able to overcome the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year we have started the sixth university with Scope Global Skill University, we extend a special welcome to AISECT’s colleagues from North-East and South India in the program where the group is rapidly expanding its work.”


Later, AISECT employees were awarded across various categories in the program. The program was concluded with the cultural activities where the employees performed activities like singing, dancing etc. The ceremony also featured a musical live-performances by Derek Nathaniel’s band. The program was attended by Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi Executive Vice President of AISECT Group, Dr. Aditi Chaturvedi Vats Director of AISECT University Group and other officials of AISECT Group.