Aisect Group Joins Forces with Raman Greens to Celebrate International Year of Millets with New Product Line

Aisect Group Joins Forces with Raman Greens
Aisect Group Joins Forces with Raman Greens to Celebrate International Year of Millets with New Product Line

India, September 25, 2023: Raman Greens welcomes snack enthusiasts to embark on a delectable journey where health meets indulgence! In honour of the International Year of Millet, we are thrilled to launch an initiative that revolutionizes your snacking habits. Raman Greens mission is to inspire consumers to opt for healthier alternatives without compromising on taste, and we have meticulously crafted a range of nourishing and delightful products.

With a dedicated commitment to fostering sustainable practices and empowering local farmers, we have taken on the noble objective of promoting the use of local millets, specifically the esteemed Kodo and Kutki varieties from the tribal district of Dindori, Madhya Pradesh. With millets being gluten-free it has the power to enhance digestive health. It is rich in dietary fiber and abundant in protein which boosts immunity. Millets also contain antioxidants which make them a great dietary choice.

Crafted to foster a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, Raman Greens has created exceptional value-added products that encourage consumers towards health and well-being. In a journey to support local Farmers and embrace a more eco-conscious existence, the brand has promised a commitment to delivering exceptional items that prioritize your health and overall wellness remains resolute. Raman Greens is a Step Towards Holistic Well-being. By endorsing millet cultivation, we aim to contribute to the welfare of local farmers and uplift their livelihoods. Through our partnership with these dedicated farmers, we are creating an avenue for them to thrive while fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Exquisite Millet-Based Product Range:

Raman Greens boasts an exquisite selection of millet-based products, carefully crafted to satiate your taste buds while promoting good health. Our product range includes Kodo-Kutki Millet grain, flour, rava & daliya.

Kodo Millet Cookies come in 7 different flavours: Kesar Pista, Jeera, Chocochips, Dry Fruits, Oats, Sesame Seeds, Oats – No added sugar. The cookies are maida-free, have zero Trans Fat, are sugar-free, and free from harmful preservatives, crafted with Kodo Millet making them a healthy snack option.

Kodo Millet Snacks: Toast, Khari, Cream Roll, Lavash, Baked Mathri, and Snacky Sticks in different flavours: Cheese Masala, Peri Peri Spice Blast, Oregano Munchies, Digestive Hing Twist, Healthy Methi Crunch, Aloo Chaat Masala, Pudina Punch.

We believe that snack time should be a celebration of nourishment and flavour. With Raman Greens, we want to inspire individuals to make health-conscious choices without compromising on the joy of snacking,” said Dr. Siddharth Chaturvedi Executive Vice President, Raman Greens.

Be a part of this remarkable journey towards healthier snacking choices and contribute to the well-being of local farmers while relishing the goodness of millet. Raman Greens’ millet-based snacks are now available at available retail stories, and you can also explore our products online at

Raman Greens has also introduced a wide range of Millet-based corporate gifting hampers that are available for booking on the website.


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