Algorithmia: utilizing machine learning for secure, quick, and effective production


Algorithmia enterprise made up the AI Layer. Algorithmia’s serverless infrastructure is custom-designed to host climbable AI and machine learning models and advanced algorithms. It provides developers the power to show algorithms into climbable net services with one click. Afterward, application developers will incorporate the algorithmic rule into their applications with underneath 10 lines of code. supported in 2013, Algorithmia hosts the net services, makes them ascertainable, and permits algorithmic rule developers for usage.

Machine learning into production

Algorithmia Enterprise automates and accelerates the conveyance of your metric capacity unit models into creation, driving a course of persistent improvement across all phases of the machine learning life-cycle within existing useful processes.

Secure your business

Limit hazard with higher business-grade security and administration across all information, models, and frameworks. Access progressed asserting and watching tools to boost performance, compliance, and audibleness.

Advance results

Deliver metric capacity unit models to production 12x quicker at lower operational value. Manage prices, manage infrastructure usage, monitor operations, and deliver metric capacity units at high velocity—even in complicated environments.

Deploy flexibly

Utilize the instruments you wish for machine learning. Algorithmia works along with your current tools for the model flip of events, and serverless innovation works over CPUs and GPUs to supply the foremost recent facilitate for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid conditions.

MLOps platform: Secret of Algorithmia’s success

Algorithmia works along with your existing school stack for metric capacity unit development. Their broad support of three,900+ languages and frameworks ensures you’ll be able to use any most well-liked tool or system to develop your models, and that they can mechanically add a production.

Insights, monitoring, alerting, and time period actions

Algorithmia Enterprise provides a metrics pipeline that integrates with watching, reporting, and alerting tools. simply access operational KPIs, performance metrics, and traceability information for auditing and governance. Perform time period illation and react to ever-changing market conditions.

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