Alia Bhatt leads JSW’s Aquaglo campaign along with standup comedian Atul Khatri


JSW Paints has launched a replacement campaign featuring actor Alia Bhatt through which it aims to arouse the light state of India’s noesis (GK) when it involves all things associated with paint.The campaign has been launched to push Aquaglo, the water-based paint for wood and metal, which as per the company’s claims is free from the harmful toxins commonly found in traditional wood and metal paints.With storytelling that’s equal parts educational and irreverent, the brand’s commercial lands the message that a newly painted door can pollute your home.Coming from Bhatt’s mouth, this revelation – that a newly painted door can pollute your home, looks as if another major GK goof up. What happens next may be a social media tsunami, an ever-growing cascade of jokes and banter, with everyone from news anchors, to stand-up comics and also the average Indian joining certain and amusing. But this point around, the joke is on them, because not too many Indians know that traditional paint for wood and metal contain harmful toxins that spread pollution inside the house.Counting on clutter-breaking communication to draw people’s attention during a low-involvement category where nobody is tempted to research the nuances of the paint that goes on their walls and in their own homes. ‘Paint ka GK may be a clear call to action to form India not blink and mark. JSW Paints is a disruptor that’s questioning the unquestioned answers and norms. it’s also encouraging the tip consumers to induce more involved because only then they’re going to discover the most effective solutions for themselves.”Paris Bhattacharya, Managing Partner Creative, TBWA\India, said, “A low involvement category, a good product and also the nation’s sweetheart. Paint Ka GK Badhao is asking people to form informed choices and shut the door on polluting chemicals.”


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