Altizon initiates Datonis BI a Self-service cloud-based BI platform for manufacturing Data Analytics.


Altizon, is a global industrial IoT software company, accelerating digital transformation initiatives in Industry by helping enterprises to use machine data to perform business decisions.  Altizon is experienced in the Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud Technology, Big Data, IT/OT Convergence, API, Machine Learning, Smart Manufacturing, IIoT, Digital Transformation, and Industrial IoT. Altizon’s Datonis offer advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to accelerate smart manufacturing operations.

Recently, Altizon broadcasted Datonis BI (Business Intelligence), a cloud-based business intelligence platform for data exploration and analysis. Datonis BI enhances the use of Manufacturing IT/ OT Data that have been created over the years across processes with Altizon. BI helps end-users to create their preferred form of visualizations and reports for analysis.

Altizon BI platform integrates with Altizon’s Datonis Industrial IIoT platform to provide a 360-degree view of KPIs(Key PerformancePerformance IndicatorsIndicators)  which is essential for an enterprise.

Nowadays, business users need to have the tools for speedily analyzing s data operations from commercial IT systems. They should need the capability to independently write a quick query, create a picturing like a graph, and on this a rapidly changing productivity KPI for a particular move. So Datonis BI helps the customers by enabling enhanced decision making with faster reporting capability and self-service analytics. The company aims to help its clients to discover meaningful data patterns, which will definitely improve their end result.

Modules Included in Altizon BI:

• Browser-Based BI: Helps to Get started with data visions from a search engine with no complex installs or set-up

• DIY Charts & Dashboards: Provided creative charting and visualization widgets.

• Slicing  & Dicing: Helps in the grouping, filtering, and aggregation skills to build a better understanding of data

• SQL Engine: A built-in SQL Engine to build complex queries if the built-in analytics is insufficient.

• Standard Data Models:  Offers pre-built data models for productivity, quality, maintenance, and energy & utilities analytics

• External Data Models: Connect Datonis BI to external data sources to gain intuitions across magnitudes.

Therefore, Datonis BI resolves one of the key challenges for manufacturers by bringing operations data into a well-integrated business view, right from a browser. This innovation is encouraging to get benefits from investments.


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