Amazon India celebrates collective happiness with its latest pre-festive campaign ‘Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi’

Amazon India celebrates collective happiness with its latest pre-festive campaign ‘Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi’

The campaign encourages customers to place equal importance on self-care alongside that of their loved ones, encouraging them to embrace self and celebrate ‘Me’ within ‘We’

INDIA, September 15, 2023: As the festive season approaches, Amazon India is excited to announce the launch of its latest campaign, ‘Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi’ that takes a unique/heartwarming approach by urging customers to prioritize not only their loved ones but also themselves during this joyous time of year. The festive season has always been synonymous with the spirit of giving, spreading warmth, and bringing smiles to the faces of those we hold dear but often, in the midst of taking care of others, we tend to overlook our own well-being. This campaign serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of self-care/self-love and the need to embrace ‘Me’ within ‘We’ this festive season.

Conceptualized basis the insight that true celebrations flourish when the happiness of both ‘we’ and ‘I’ is fulfilled, this digital asset serves as a reminder that practicing self-care/self-love is not an act of selfishness but a necessity. This sentiment is captured in the video showcasing a loving bond/relationship between a mother and daughter.

Check out the campaign here.

Noor Patel, Vice President, Amazon India said, “The campaign touches upon the sweet spot of self-realization and much needed self-care in today’s day and age. Our campaign is based on customer insights and brings alive the mindset shift in customers urging them to celebrate the festive season taking care of their needs, along with their loved ones.” 

This festive season, Amazon brings you #ME_In_WE through the “Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi” campaign. The story at first appears to show a mother preparing for the upcoming festive season with everyone on her mind but herself. One is almost prepared to see her make an excuse for not getting something for herself the way we have seen a lot of homemakers in our own lives do, but this quickly changes with a cheeky twist which demonstrates that she has indeed thought about herself. The classic mom humor, the expression plays and banter between mother and daughter and the extremely Indian emotional nuance, easily puts a smile on anyone watching. 

The campaign kicks off across digital mediums on September 15, 2023. There is an interesting user generated content planned around the campaign where customers are urged to share their “Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi” stories and select winner stories will get published on different mediums.

Credits: Creative and Conceptualization: Amazon in-house PR and AvianWE Communications, Production – Schbang Motion Pictures

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