Amazon to make a single grocery store by merging Pantry and Fresh


The e-commerce giant has announced on Friday that its grocery offerings Pantry and Fresh will continue to operate as a single unit. The customers from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Mysore will be able to use the benefits of the new integrated store. The main aim of the strategy is to make use of the delivery speed of Fresh and deals on products available in the Pantry. Customers can now buy both non-perishable products available in Pantry and perishables, daily grocery available in Fresh from a single place. the integration of two platforms further combines the much-loved two-hour delivery of Fresh for daily grocery combined with the savings on products sold in Pantry.

The new strategy was employed as a result of the pandemic infused increase in online grocery sales. Households that depended on local stores for meeting their grocery requirements have now adopted e grocery services. Analysts from Redseer a consulting firm expected a 1.5 to 1.6 times increase in households making grocery purchases in May 2020 compared to the last year.

Grofers a competitor to Pantry and Fresh claimed to have added 18 lakhs to their customer base and managed to retain 70% of customers from the first month of the pandemic. BigBasket has also been able to add 84% new customers as compared to the pre covid period. Analysts are predicting that there are more growth opportunities and companies are rolling out customer-friendly proposals to attract new users.

According to Amazon, the integrated services will be available in all cities where Fresh is currently operating (9 cities), the remaining locations the customers will continue using the services of Pantry. The integration of services means that customers will now have the choice to buy a wide variety of products from different categories including fruits and vegetables, frozen and chilled products, dry grocery items, beauty, baby, personal care and pet products that can be available at their doorsteps within 2 hours from 6 am to midnight

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