Amazon’s Halo fitness band can share your heart rate data with third-party apps and training equipment


A new upgrade by Amazon on its Halo fitness band today with the ability to share pulse rate information with third-force devices and fitness apps over Bluetooth Low Energy- BLE. The company is partnered up with NordicTrack for its iFit service, alongside Openfit.

Live pulse has been available to look at since launch within the live tab of the Halo app, but connecting it to display in other apps and devices is simply as easy. Amazon says you’ll activate pulse sharing by getting to the Halo app’s Settings, selecting pulse Sharing, switching it to on, then following the on-screen prompts to share your pulse with the opposite app or device.

Showing on-screen pulse may be a fairly common feature for fitness services to motivate you while exercising and help explain why you would possibly feel strained during a selected part of your workout. In some cases, an on-screen pulse may be a feature that also sells other devices, like how Apple Fitness Plus requires the utilization of an Apple await features like its “Burn Bar.”

The Halo Band working with a few of more services could also be a true advantage if you do not want to be locked within a specific service. Up turning the activate live pulse monitoring is additionally just the advanced way Amazon has supported its device post-launch with software features. In June, Amazon added a new facility for its app and band to keep track of “movement health.”

Starting today, you’ll prefer to let the wearable fitness tracker share your live pulse data with supported third-party apps and devices.

To permit heart rate sharing, open the Halo app on your device (Android or iOS), head to Settings > Heart Rate Sharing, and while wearing the Halo, turn “ON” the heart rate setting.

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