Ampverse DMI unveils partnership with top brands Philips, JIO Games, Red Bull, Nostra, and Glance for its esports collegiate intellectual property, “College Rivals”

Ashwin Haryani, Country Head, Ampverse India_ Photo
Ampverse DMI unveils partnership with top brands Philips, JIO Games, Red Bull, Nostra, and Glance for its esports collegiate intellectual property, “College Rivals”

National, 29th September 2023: Ampverse, Asia’s largest ecosystem of gaming communities and intellectual properties, has partnered with DMI Finance, India’s leading non-banking financial company, with the mission to fuel the growth of esports within India. In this dynamic collaboration, Ampverse DMI proudly unfurls its banner of partnerships with leading brands, Philips, the styling partner, and all-inclusive gaming app Jio Games media partner offering seamless streaming to a million fans for its esports collegiate IP College Rivals. In addition, it also unveils a partnership with free-to-play gaming platform Nostra, Associate Partner and Glance, smart lock screen partner, supported by leading energy drink brand Red Bull for its existing esports collegiate IP event. College Rivals is set to transcend traditional esports tournaments, encapsulating the vibrancy of college life while propelling aspiring players toward the pinnacle of Indian esports excellence; along with immersing creatively-inclined youth in pop-culture trends.

Expressing his excitement about the brand partnerships Ashwin Haryani, Country Head, Ampverse India said, “With this IP, we aim to drive excellence in esports by establishing a unified college community that celebrates the excitement of esports. We are thrilled to witness our vision for College Rivals coming to life with the support of these exceptional brands. College Rivals isn’t just an esports collegiate competition; it represents our long-standing mission to nurture esports talent, a mission that has finally taken shape through the tremendous efforts of our team. We are both thrilled and proud to take this small yet significant step toward inspiring the esports community and propelling the growth of the ecosystem. We are hopeful that this tournament will deliver an enthralling entertainment experience to all attendees, further affirming our commitment to fostering esports globally.”

Speaking on the partnership Deepali Agarwal, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent said,  At Philips, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, and creating meaningful experiences for our consumers. Philips One Blade is our unique proposition for teenage boys. We want to empower them to make bold & unconventional choices & Move Fearlessly. Our collaboration with College Rivals for the Gaming Tour in multiple cities is a testament to that commitment. We are extremely excited to be a part of the gaming universe and connect with the GenZ gamers. We believe that with OneBlade, Gen Z boys now not only have a great grooming partner, but also a brand that empowers them to Move Fearlessly”

Echoing his thoughts, Yashashvi Takallapalli, VP & GM, Nostra said, “We are pleased to announce our strategic alliance with Ampverse DMI, a partnership poised to significantly boost the gaming aspirations of college students spanning across five vibrant cities. This initiative stands as an endeavor to cultivate and foster talent at the grassroots level, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the gaming landscape within our country. As we embark on this collaborative journey, we invite all enthusiasts to prepare for an unparalleled experience that promises to be the ultimate LAN event, and embrace the future of esports with us.”

The ‘College Rivals’ IP was strategically designed to boost emerging gaming talent across India, not only contributing to the esports landscape but also fostering camaraderie among students from various institutions. Moreover, the ‘College Rivals’ campaign has launched a first-of-its-kind gaming truck, an ingenious mobile gaming hub ready to embark on an exhilarating journey across campuses, bolstered by strong partnerships aiming to transform the esports ecosystem in India. Website:  


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