An Ad Made on PPT: Walking the talk on smart ways to save money

  • Fi is a neobank made for working professionals. Fi’s latest campaign aired during the IPL urges users to ‘save smart’ through a campaign that also saves smart.
  • The campaign is a set of presentations that air as ads, that break clutter.

Mumbai/Bengaluru, September 23, 2021: Fi, the fast-growing neobank, has launched its campaign during the Indian Premier League season but with a key twist. With disruptive thinking being at the core of startups like Fi, the brand has a whole new take on the conventional television commercial. As a neobank that wants to help millennials save smart, Fi decided to walk the talk by demonstrating how they saved smart in the making of this IPL ad by designing it on, wait for it – a ppt. So while we’ve seen the biggest celebs make a comeback on the small screen, this ad wins hearts for the simplicity and cleverness of it all.

The ad itself is focused on its target audience of upwardly mobile salaried millennials and working professionals who have been stuck at home creating presentations for their work. The campaign would be live across Hotstar, YouTube and Instagram in the duration for the latest season of the Indian Premier League.

Commenting on the first of its kind campaign Sujith Narayanan, Cofounder and CEO, Fi said, “The IPL is a fairly high-decibel, high-energy event on TV. Brands (us included in the past) spend big money on producing and airing ads. We were looking at ways to say that Fi is a savings account that’s all about saving smart. Fi’s features help users save smart through unique and intuitive ways that users will enjoy. Our campaign sort of walks that talk, by airing the ad in the form of a presentation, a tool we’re more than familiar with by now thanks to working from home for a year and a half.

Built for the digital-first generation, Fi makes finance more accessible to users. Fi has features such as Ask Fi – a financial assistant allows users to ask questions about their spends. Like – “How much did I spend on shopping this month?” or “Show me my Goa Trip spends”

Fi has a unique feature called FIT Rules that allows users to save using condition-based rules. Like “Set aside ₹50 each time I order food online” or “Set aside ₹6 each time Virat hits a 6”. Fi’s debit card features in the campaign that comes loaded with offers and zero forex charges. Users save money in ‘Jars’ for things they want and earn up to 5.1% interest on them.

Fi launched its app waitlist for early access in April 2021. Users who signed up on the waitlist got access to an instant, zero balance savings account and a debit card issued in partnership with Federal Bank and Visa.