Animeta Report: 10 Lakh Social Media Creators To Become Driving Force For Brands

Animeta Report: 10 Lakh Social Media Creators To Become Driving Force For Brands

The leading creator tech company, Animeta has revealed a second set of significant findings from its comprehensive data report on India’s creator economy. The findings focus on insights into the current scenario and expected outcomes of influencer marketing in the country. The report highlights, out of the 8 Cr+ creators in India, brands are currently engaging with a mere 20,000 creators for their influencer marketing campaigns. 

This astonishing statistic underscores the limited access brands have, i.e. to less than 1% of the entire creator universe.I t also throws light on the fact that out of the 3500+ brands that are looking for influencer marketing, millions of creators have no way to access and work with these brands. 

Beyond the underutilisation of creator prowess and gap between influencers and brands, it is also important to note the categorisation of these creators. From the wide ecosystem of millions of creators, 9.22 lakh creators have at least 100 followers across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Out of the 9.22 lakh creators 53%, fall under the category of Nano creators with less than 10,000 followers. Micro creators, with followers ranging from 10,000 to 1 lakh, make up 3.35 lakh or 36% of the total creator population. Additionally, 95,000 creators (10%) are categorized as Macro creators with 1 to 10 lakh followers, while the remaining 7,000 (0.8%) are considered Mega creators with 10 lakh or more followers. With the exponential growth rate of individual creators in India, this distribution across Nano to Mega categories is expected to expand rapidly. As creators and brands continue to emerge, and the creator economy becomes more organized, it is projected that over the next two years, a staggering 10 lakh creators will be actively engaged in influencer campaigns as per Animeta’s report.

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta commented on the report “We are fortunate to have an immensely vast ecosystem of 8 Cr + talented creators in our country, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to harness their full potential. Our report reveals the impressive number of creators, each with their unique following, who are enthusiastic about collaborating with brands and participating in influencer marketing campaigns. For now, even if the jump is from 20,000 to 10 lakh, we are looking at only a fraction of the 8Cr+ industry. Our interest lies in scaling up to provide opportunities to the majority of creators present in India and across Asia. As a creator tech company, our relentless efforts are focused on crafting the ideal platform for this purpose.”

Krishna Desai, Chief Product Officer, Animeta stated “Creators are no longer bound by geographical limitations or restricted to niche audiences. However, the numbers presented in the report clearly indicate a massive number of creators are still grappling with limitations when it comes to working with brands. We notice a need to unlock the full potential of the creator ecosystem by providing scalability and opportunity to a maximum number of creators. This highlights the crucial requirement for a powerful technology platform that can effectively connect creators with brands, offering monetization opportunities to creators while ensuring the perfect brand alignment.”

Animeta is poised to be Asia’s largest creator tech company, working with creator partners across 16 categories. It focuses on creating & nurturing digital creators by helping them grow their communities and maximize their revenue potential.