Apparel Major’s Expanding to Body Care Segment


Raymond, Siyaram Silk Mills (SSM) and Provogue India are some of the well heard names in apparel manufacturing sector. These companies holding a pioneer position in India’s textile industry are thinking of product expansion, specifically in personnel care products category.

Raymond has already made a mark in the personnel care segment with its Park Avenue range of products. Park Avenue brand was brought in the market by Raymond’s in collaboration with personnel and body care major, JK Helene Curtis. In addition, Raymond has also introduced a deo brand under its own name. As part of product extension, the company has come out with 4 new variants to enhance ‘the complete man’ image.

Provogue India is aiming an increase in sale of deodorants by adopting the strategy of in-store marketing. The company is also now planning to employ nearby outlets and branded stores for selling their extended products. In this way, they are expecting to distribute their body care products across 30,000 outlets (in the next five years), with an investment of Rs.15 crores, especially for setting up sales and distribution networks. Apart from expanding distribution channels for deodorants, Provogue India is also planning to come up with new product categories like shower gels and shampoos.

Siyaram Silk Mills (SSM), on the other hand, is planning to enter deodorant spray market and to use its franchise-store networks for promotion of products. The company is expecting to make a mark in the deodorant market in the next two years through persuasive product promotion linked by heavy distribution networks.

More and more apparel makers are expected to get into the personal care products segment as they can take advantage of their company branded stores for promoting and selling new products.  People may accept such products (from popular brands) with an open heart, hopefully, because of their trust in the overall reputation of the company. Prospects always look good for the company behind a brand, as customers make their decisions based on that.


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