Apple unveils new privacy feature for IOS 14.5


Apple has come up with the privacy policy for controversies soon after the release of IOS 14.5. They have launched App Tracking Transparency in the new iPhone update and aims not only user privacy, but, also, the ad revenue of some of the biggest companies. Now Onwards, iPhone will ask our permission to give the app access to our phone behavior. Through this, the app is stealing your privacy as well as, our data is being shared with advertisers for personalized ads. Apple company’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi has made us aware of this through his talk.

Joanna Sterna of the Wall Street Journal had a conversation with Federighi to discuss Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency and its consequences on users and advertisers. Upon asking about the App Tracking Transparency to Federighi. Federighi explained that” Apple Tracking Transparency gives users the choice of whether they want to be tracked across apps and website’’. This tracking works similarly to a shopping website. “These devices are so intimately a part of our lives and contain so much of what we’re thinking and where we’ve been and who we’ve been with the users deserve and need control of that information’’. He added,’’ The abuses can range from creepy to dangerous’’.

The abuses that Federighi mentioned in his talk alludes us to the unsolicited collection of data that most apps are doing on iPhone. Even if you have not updated your iPhone to iOS 14.5. Still, your data will be saved by advertisers and shopping sites. They will provoke users to buy their product by showing popup advertisements. Social media and shopping are playing an important role in our life by monitoring us and our habits. We are falling into their trap unknowingly. One-click to their shopping website by us is their profit and through this, they could earn without making us aware. Our data is money for them.

Facebook was one of the biggest developers who disapproved of the release of IOS 14 last year. They indicated this new update as hypocritical, competitive and, sabotage to small and, medium businesses. Most of you have heard about the face book’s tracking policy which laid its foundation across platforms. Apple’s new security feature rejects Facebook’s tracking from proceeding on its own.

Federighi has mentioned the importance of an iPhone user ought to have more control over what apps can do and will safeguard their privacy. However, Apple provides us a choice. If the users are okay with this tracking online behaviour, they can go with allow option, every time this pop-up appears on the iPhone screen.

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