AppZen World’s leading AI solution launches Mastermind Analytics


AppZen which is the world’s leading AI solution that helps in the modern finance team is launching Mastermind Analytics which is a kind of analytics AI software that can identify spend risks and also helps to provide on-demand benchmarks. This will help the finance teams by providing visibility of behavior patterns and also a valuable assessment of success in the area of improvements.

AppZen is also increasing the demand as the CFOs of leading digital transformation initiatives within their finance teams and also throughout the companies. AppZen’s AI helps the process of the finance teams by reducing the cost for businesses by looking to prioritize the automation.

This mastermind Analytics helps the finance teams on-demand insight into their spend, risk, and also operational performance so that it will help to focus on what matters most. Also, this will helps to eliminate wasteful spending and also provide metrics for making processes and a more efficient team.

AppZen’s mastermind analytics offers some exclusive benefits and features such as :

  • For visibility of behavior patterns beyond their audit.
  • Also, AI-driven insight which is built on the top of the most accurate and also 100% audit spend data such as information extracted from the documents.
  • Provide a 360-degree real-time view of the company’s finance.
  • Also covering current cross-system spend, risk, and also operational performance.
  • Performing benchmarking against peer organizations.
  • Also has the ability to creating a dashboard for certain use cases, metrics, and also for teams

Anant Kale chief executive offer and also the founder of Appzen said that they are very excited to offer this unique analytics capability as part of the AppZen AI software suite of products. Also, the finance team will have access to previously available out-of-policy information which will help them providing immediate visibility and also an activity that will indicate and prevent more risk of fraud as well as waste.

This mastermind analytics requires only zero integration or configuration and helps to provide easy self-service changes to the existing dashboard. Hence the business user can build an extensive customer dashboard and also chart with no IT or engineering support and there is no requirement of the manual effort for integrating data. AppZen has created mastermind analytics for helping the finance teams with confidence that how their performance can be compared to industry peers by making it, which is needed to prioritized and also to be improved by helping them providing actionable insight by addressing the problem areas in the spending process. Also, immediate insight with on-demand charts, metrics, and dashboard provides hassle-free and also helps in empowering the process approach.


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