Immervision Introduces JOYCE the First Humanoid Robot


Immervision which is the leader in wide-angle intelligent vision has introduced JOYCE which is the first humanoid robot developed by the computer vision community for providing machines to gain human-like perception. The main purpose of the JOYCE is to advance the computer vision technologies by inviting the community to gain an understanding of the JOYCE environment by upgrading the robot optics, sensors, and as well as the algorithms.

Immervision is also unveiling the JOYCE development kit especially for engineers and AI developers and also this JOYCE inbox development kit will be equipped with three ultra-wide-angle perimorph camera which is calibrated for providing 2D hemisphere, 3D stereoscopic hemisphere or even full 360*360 spherical capture and also for viewing the environment. Also, it uses data in picture technology which can help each of her video frames by enriching with data especially from a wide array of the sensors by providing contextual information to the neural network, AI, also computer vision and SLAM algorithm which helps in increasing her visual perception.

Also, JOYCE will be streaming live so that people can not only follow her evolution capabilities but can also look through her eyes when she travels all around the world, perform skydives, and also visits computer vision lab or any business conference. JOYCE stems the main mission is for accelerating the emergence of the new innovative solutions and also for building the next generation of intelligent systems especially for a wide range of the Industry devices.

Pascale Nini who is the president and CEO of Immervision said that they strongly believe that they can bring value together with the computer vision community for breaking down the silos which are slowing the innovation cycle and instead of that we can push forward the boundaries of machine perception by cross-pollination, also JOYCE will help in developing extremely innovative solutions especially to resolve complex challenges in the industries.

Its potential use cases are :

  • For enhancing the performance of smart home devices
  • Providing improvement in the optics technologies for driver safety in assisted driving or in autonomous cars.
  • Also, improve fire fighting ability for detecting people and objects above the tree and also through the smoke.
  • Provide medical diagnostic for identifying cancer tumors or any conditions in CT scan.
  • Helps in identifying early signs of the crop diseases and all.


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