Are you prepared for times of uncertainty? Let’s check


Preparing oneself self for uncertainties has become very important. Especially after witnessing Covid-19 and its impacts. So, the following are how you can prepare yourself for future uncertainties.


The first and the most important thing is insurance. As it is the thing which can provide financial security to your family in absence of you. Here, we are not only talking about taking insurance but also taking adequate insurance coverages. The most important insurances are life and health insurance in times of uncertainty.

In the case of life insurance, you have to properly analyze the coverage, etc. things before taking it. Term life insurance can provide your family financial protection. It provides higher coverage along with a lower premium. Here, you can take some additional riders too.

Health insurance is a crucial thing that is needed in times of uncertainty the most. In the case of health insurance, Proper research should be done about the hospitals covered, co-payment, etc. things before going for it. In times of uncertainties like Covid-19, if you and your family have adequate health insurance covers, then you may feel mental peace and comfort.


Long-term and regular investment is an important to survive in times of uncertainty. For that, you have various options like the stock market, mutual funds, fixed deposits. As per your risk appetite and other factors, you can choose the investment options. Here, diversification is important. For long-term investments, you can go with SIP. While registering for SIP, you get options of doing weekly or monthly SIP.


Savings come in handy in times of uncertainty. You should save some amount every month. For that, you should prepare a budget. You have to plan and monitor income and expenses. You should have at least reserve for 6 months for managing your household expenses.

Updated information:

In your important documents like mutual fund portfolio, Fixed deposit documents, etc. all the information should be up to date. Especially nominee details should be there.

Finding ways to earn extra:

Income is fixed but expenses keep on increasing because of inflation. So, because of that, we feel a need to earn extra money apart from our profession. So, you should always search for ways to gain extra money if you feel you do have extra time for it.

Sell unwanted things:

Many times, in our homes, we have so many things that we don’t use anymore because of various reasons. So, it is important to sell those things to gain extra money which can help you in times of emergency.

Help others if you can:

Last but not least is helping others in times of emergency. If you feel you do have adequate for you and your family, don’t feel hesitant to share it with others. You can help people by providing not only material things but also mental and emotional support.

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