AS-IT-IS Nutrition Launches Campaign “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT” in collaboration with Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Launches Campaign “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT”
AS-IT-IS Nutrition Launches Campaign “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT” in collaboration with Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood

(National), 18th September 2023: AS-IT-IS Nutrition, a pioneer in the health and fitness sector, is proud to announce the launch of its empowering campaign, “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT”, in collaboration with its brand ambassador, Bollywood Actor, Sonu Sood.

The “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT” campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to be faithful to its label promises. Without a doubt, the consumer will receive what they read on the product label. There are no secrets, phoney assurances, or false claims, sirf SACCHAI! The campaign is further supported by the tagline “jo bahar dikhe wo hi andar mile.”

AS-IT-IS Nutrition stands as a guiding light of transparency and truthfulness in the sports nutrition market clouded with confusion. The brand consistently redefines industry standards because of its unwavering dedication to authenticity and purity. AS-IT-IS is steadfast in its search for the truth, committed to maintaining supplement composition transparency and committed to maintaining unmatched product quality. The brand is based on the fundamental tenet that accepting the truth is the first step towards real transformation.

Sonu Sood, the brand ambassador of the “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT” campaign shared his thoughts on the initiative, saying, “As the proud ambassador of the ‘SACCHAI INSIDE OUT’ campaign, I am truly excited to be a part of the journey towards embracing authenticity. I genuinely identify with the campaign’s values, and I think that by embracing the “SACCHAI,” we can achieve true fitness on the inside and the outside.  I support the cause and promise to encourage India to adopt a healthy lifestyle by choosing authenticity, transparency, and purity. Join me in the movement of choosing SACCHAI, and together, let’s use the power of SACCHAI INSIDE OUT to unlock our potential”.

“The idea behind AS-IT-IS was to fill a void in the nutrition market (which was overrun with complex product portfolios), by offering a simple, pure element. The “SACCHAI INSIDE OUT” campaign highlights the fact that the brand makes claims but backs them up with research evidence. To make a lasting impression, the campaign aims to combine the ambassador’s influence with the fundamental principles of the company. With every choice of our supplements, you are enveloped in the power of SACCHAI, and that’s where the real transformation unfolds. The campaign is not a marketing initiative but rather a transformative theme about producing a cascading effect of the SACCHAI impact”, remarked, Mr. Arvind Jain, cofounder of AS-IT-IS Nutrition.

Mr. Himmath Jain, cofounder of AS-IT-IS Nutrition, commented on the campaign’s launch by saying, “Transparency is not just something we highlight; it’s who we are as a company. We are committed to exposing the truth about supplement composition so that you can see what you put into your body. Our claims are not just empty platitudes; they are promises supported by evidence. We don’t tell stories; rather, we recount actual triumphs made possible by our supplements. When you choose our brand, you’re not just choosing our supplements; you’re also choosing to fuel your fitness journey authentically. Join us in accepting the SACCHAI, and together we will reveal a world of sincere options and substantial change”.