Ashwin Sheth Group Collaborates with HONO to Revolutionize Internal HR Solutions

Ashwin Sheth Group Collaborates with HONO to Revolutionize Internal HR Solutions
Ashwin Sheth Group Collaborates with HONO to Revolutionize Internal HR Solutions

Mumbai, 07 December, 2023:  Ashwin Sheth Group (ASG), a prominent name in the
Indian real estate sector, announces its strategic collaboration with HONO, a leading
innovator in comprehensive HR services. This partnership signals digital and AI tools to
enhance productivity and enhance HR solutions for the employees across our offices and
sites, incorporating cutting-edge technology and specialized expertise to create a more
efficient and employee-focused environment.

HONO, renowned for its expertise in Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, is poised
to unveil its tailored HR services to enhance the human resources framework of Ashwin
Sheth Group. The collaboration is set to bring in advanced HR Management System
(HRMS) tools with cutting-edge features like chatbots and GenAI, offering comprehensive
Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions for all Ashwin Sheth Group employees. With
the adoption of these cloud-based HRM technologies, the company aims to strengthen
efficiency and enrich the experience across all individuals in the organization.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Prabhakar Azad, Chief People and Process Officer
(CPPO), Ashwin Sheth Group, said, “We at Ashwin Sheth Group are committed to to adopt the best practices and personalized experiences for our employees. We have already
implemented digital-led apps such as SMARTAPP and HONO to name a few and we are
extremely aggressive in implementing many such digital tools for our employees, clients and stakeholders. Our alliance with HONO represents our dedication to nurturing a workplace culture that places our employees’ needs at the forefront. By amalgamating state-of-the-art HR technologies and HONO’s industry-specific proficiency, we are committed to setting new benchmarks, in tailored HR solutions within the real estate landscape.”

“We are glad to work closely with the Ashwin Sheth group, bringing them our next-gen, AI-
driven workforce management solutions. Our aim is to create a digital workplace that’s not
only geared for the future of work and flexible but also excels in boosting productivity and
efficiency across their diverse workforce” stated Mr Mukul Jain, Founder and CEO of HONO.

HONO known for its customized HR services, is geared to propel ASG towards a more
effective and employee-centric future. Their expertise and commitment make them an
invaluable partner in ASG’s journey to optimize HR functions and foster a workplace
environment that thrives on innovation and employee satisfaction. This partnership signifies
a forward-thinking approach by the Ashwin Sheth Group that indicates a shared commitment to fostering a culture of enhanced efficiency, employee-centricity, and positive orientation within the organization.