Asian Paints enters into the adhesive world of stationery


It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to craft anything from scratch. No wonder that many of us at school enjoyed the ‘art and craft‘ lectures so much because we were granted the liberty to create whatever we imagined.

You need the right materials to craft something, and one of the essential elements to it is glue.  It takes a major element to bind things together and when it comes to the world of crafts,  a ‘Glue’ can make that happen.

Asian Paints joins the stationery adhesive world with TruGrip CR 8, a general-purpose glue. The firm has launched two advertisements to advertise the latest product.

The ad shows a father and a son creating a space shuttle launch in the first commercial, while a teenager in the second ad is seen creating a ballerina. The idea of both advertisements is that ‘You can make something out of nothing’.

The YouTube summary of both advertisements includes a link to the e-commerce giant Flipkart website where you can shop TruGrip CR-8 Craft Glue for Rs 99.

They also visited the Asian Paints website and found that this white art glue is available in two packs: the Flow Pack and the Orb Pack. Asian Paints has established three advantages of this adhesive:

  1. The glue helps to innovate with water-soluble glue that fits best on various substrates, such as paper, cardboard, etc. ·
  2. The orbs of glue do not dry. No matter what inspiration strikes, the glue is still ready to be used. ·
  3. It can be added with ease, without any planning, to all art supplies and moves the art to the next stage.

It’s a fascinating shift of Asian Paints to the world of stationery adhesives. There has been a sharp rise in the arts and crafts since the COVID-induced lockout occurred, as adults and children remained at home.

Although kids love to play with glue, and so on, Sonali Shah, marketing director, Faber-Castell, told us in an earlier interview that adults, who have always been hobbyists, have more time now and are thus rediscovering their creative side. Asian Paints is now marketing the brand TruGrip and distributing masking tapes and adhesives. Last month, most of the paintings diversified to provide interior design services. Named ‘Beautiful Houses’ provides custom interior design, healthy home design, and 3D design simulation.


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