Kia Seltos anniversary edition campaign with Tiger Shroff


Kia Motors India has launched the Kia Seltos anniversary edition through a new TVC campaign featuring Tiger Shroff. The advertisement, conceptualized by Innocean Worldwide, showcases Shroff as a fashionable young person who has his adventure style and methods.

2 petrol-based trims and one diesel-based trim ranging from Rs 13.75 lakh-Rs 14.85 lakh ( ex-showroom) will be sold in the Anniversary Edition. The Anniversary Version will be limited to a stock of 6,000 units, based on the HTX trim. The Kia Seltos Anniversary Edition is powered by a 6-speed manual and IVT transmission Smartstream 1.5-litre petrol engine pair, and a 1.5 CRDi VGT diesel engine paired with a 6-speed manual.

Kia stepped on the bandwagon for the Seltos Anniversary Edition and followed the dark-themed trend of doing rounds in the SUV category. In addition to offering an all-black color scheme, the Seltos limited edition comes with a few exterior visual additions to the SUV. The tusk-shaped skid plate, silver diffuser fins, tangerine fog lamp bezel, 17-inch raven black alloy wheels with the middle cap of the tangerine are the new components.

With the latest color scheme, the SUV looks bolder and rugged and pulls out a stronger character with the accents of black and tangerine. The black one tone interiors on the inside and the raven black leatherette seats with honeycomb design offer the SUV more robust interiors.

The TV commercial aims at customers who are prepared to pay a premium for brands that make them look good. They want a big, aggressive ‘macho’ looking vehicle. They aren’t goody-two-shoes and don’t associate with brands that usually represent them (Adarsh), the organization said.

Kia Motors India, Vice President and Head of Marketing and Distribution, Manohar Bhat, told that the company tries to express the uniqueness of the anniversary edition through this promotion, which is offered in a bolder and improved avatar that will be available as a limited edition. The latest commercial aims to repeat the unique characteristics offered in Seltos, which resonate with people who are bold, risk-takers, and imaginative in their way.

He also stated that the primary focus of the promotions around Seltos was to establish a bond with the public. With the positioning statement demonstrating the real balance between the product virtues and the perfect consumer picture, the positioning of Seltos is distinctly differentiated, as we have seen in the campaign.


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