Astrology Reloaded ft. Gen Z: Youngun’s Valentine’s Day campaign for Amazon miniTV

Astrology Reloaded ft. Gen Z: Youngun's Valentine's Day campaign for Amazon Mini TV
Astrology Reloaded ft. Gen Z: Youngun's Valentine's Day campaign for Amazon Mini TV

New Delhi, 12th February – Youngun, the creative agency known for its innovative and culturally impactful campaigns, has unveiled its latest collaboration with Amazon Mini TV. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Youngun aims to capture the hearts of the internet generation by merging the timeless allure of astrology with the contemporary convenience of Amazon Mini TV.

The works is making rounds on the internet since Saturday

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“Astrology has been associated with love for a long time, earlier people used to take it quite seriously but now these things have become a source of relatability/validation for the Internet generation. We leveraged this insight to craft our campaign and hopefully convert it into a cultural moment for social!”  Saksham Jadon, Founder and CEO of Youngun

Youngun’s campaign aims to remind people by providing solutions related to Amazon Mini TV shows, urging them to spend quality time this Valentine’s Day.

Through a multi-faceted approach spanning various online platforms, Youngun has strategically spread its message of love and entertainment. The campaign includes engaging reel-based content for social media and a creative zodiac sign newspaper ad

At the heart of the campaign lies a captivating video featuring a modern-day astrologer, reminiscent of a news channel segment, delivering love predictions tailored for the internet generation. This unique approach not only promotes Amazon Mini TV but also adds a touch of excitement and relevance to the Valentine’s Day festivities.

Youngun, known for its innovative campaigns that resonate with audiences, continues to push the boundaries of creativity in advertising. Their philosophy of ‘make memes, not ads’ has brought a change in the advertising landscape, emphasizing user-first content that sparks conversations and cultural moments online.


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