Augmented reality and digital safety curriculum for students – A partnership between CBSE and Facebook


The use of online devices on a rapid rise and there is no turning back. We are constantly getting exposed to the plethora of information the internet is providing. Be it Advertisements for the mobile you searched or the new furniture you were looking for. The cookies that you agree with are used by sellers to give consumer-specific advertisements.

However, the plethora of information is not only good but bad also. The internet has proved time and again that it is a vicious place where they prey on the gullible. Cyberbullying is increasing at an unprecedented rate and youngsters are getting exposed to the web at a very young age with no idea how to use this information and often end up in the wrong places. A famous case of misuse of the web to take advantage of youngsters is the Blue Whale game.

Changes in School Curriculum

Recently both Facebook and the Central Board of Secondary Education have come together to provide a curriculum on digital safety and online wellbeing and Augmented reality. The target is to educate students on the safe way to navigate around the internet and also reassure them to expose cases of cyberbullying to the authorities. In a majority of cases, cyberbullying is not informed to the authorities based on the fact that they are threatened.

The course of Augmented Reality will be first taught to 10,000 teachers in the first phase with the help of Facebook and then 30,000 students in the second phase. The course aims to give interested students additional certification that will help catapult them into the main technological stream and have an additional edge.


The course of Cyber security will help the students to navigate safely on the web and also help them to have better mental health. It will help to prepare them better to be more vigilant and more responsible while using the web. The courses of Augmented Reality help the students have an insight knowledge on how the digital field works and also help in cultivating interests in that particular area.

Digital Safety

Digital Safety is becoming extremely important as the amount of digitalization is increasing. This creates a host of new internet users who are unaware of the dangers they’ll come across while surfing the net. This will lead to people falling trap to scammers and also lead children towards pornography. So Digital Safety is extremely important in the coming days and this course will help build the first in a long line of responsible internet users.


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