Survival strategies for Digital Marketers in a Cookieless world: A snapshot from ET Brand Equity Virtual Series


The second edition of Virtual Series on Simplifying Programmatic, which underlines challenges and explores the future trends on the cookieless world.

Some of the insights from virtual series on Simplifying Programmatic underlines challenges and include upcoming trends in the coming future in the second event of Virtual Series. Their event partner was Torcai.

Discussion among the panel on surviving in a cookieless world included; next steps for digital marketers in a privacy-centric environment which included Head of  Media-Beverages India, Taranjeet Kaur, Tata Consumer Products, Head of Programamtic Display, Rohit Sridhara, Air Asia, Jayesh Easwaramony, Consultant AdTech, Zee5, and Vice President Media Activation, Essence, Rahul Marwaha.

The right for third-party cookies has increased some lucrative innovations in the advertising industry. Anyhow, the cookieless world is going to change  several things for brands and agencies. Third party data providers would be limited to create audience segments based on content consumption and browsing behavior.

The frequency management will be impacted as the ability to manage frequencies of exposure across different content sites will get affected. Ability to remarket banners using creative messaging to consumers based on their browsing activity and behavior, product interests would definitely be impacted, mentions Marwaha.

The panel points out that, it is crucial to recognize we will get cookieless faster than we think i.e. teams should be trained and upskilled. Brands, agencies, publishers, and the entire eco-system should know about privacy, and advertisers need to shift towards brand safety.

Easwaramony sees India’s future in a fortunate position due to the wide usage of mobile applications. He says, “ India is a mobile-first nation.  A lot of higher-end consumers use apps which are not cookie-driven. It is driven by a different device ID- based identification of the user. We are fortunate in India as we have a high penetration of mobile apps”.

An organization has to build its own customer data platform. It is very important for the advertisers as to how they collect data. They must have lots of data with them by building their first-party data.

In order to tackle the cookieless environment, the panel highlighted that it is crucial for the advertisers to try and build their own tech stack.


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