“Ayurvedic Handwash” campaign by Medimix


During this pandemic situation, people have been reminded of the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, and washing hands using handwash or sanitizer has become mandatory as a part of safety measures.

Ayurvedic skincare brand, Medimix has recently introduced its new range of ayurvedic handwash and claims this range of handwash provides 99.9% germ protection through natural ingredients. The handwash and sanitizers use an innovative combination of natural ingredients like lemon, tulsi, aloe vera, neem, and turmeric to create a perfect blend that not only kills germs but also cares for the skin with a pleasant fragrance.

Medimix India has launched a new campaign after making its entry into the handwash category with its new product named as “Medimix ayurvedic handwash”. The campaign portrays the ongoing scenario where importance is given to personal hygiene, as people are now more concerned about hygiene due to the current situation and the campaign also states the advantages of using natural products that are not harmful to the skin. 

The film aims to promote the product’s concept of protection and care. The campaign spreads awareness among people, that washing hands have gained importance to maintain one’s health and that the people have increased the usage of using handwash while washing their hands, the consumers end up purchasing handwash that is made using chemicals, which may be harmful to the skin and later on create skin diseases.

The TVC points out that Medimix handwash acts as protection against germs but also plays a vital role of “healer” that is both protecting and nourishing the skin also, the campaign is shown in digital media platforms.

National creative director of Leo Burnett India, Sachin Kamble, stated that “supporting the Medimix legacy, the ayurvedic handwash comes in with an image of trusted solution using natural products which fights against the germs and cares for the skin, the campaign promotes the idea with a simple but attractive film, would get the attention of the public.

Head of marketing of Cholayil Private, Ashish Ohlyan stated that Medimix being the biggest ayurvedic personal care brand globally, wanted to offer a handwash that was made using natural ingredients instead of chemicals for germ protection.

The idea was to promote distinction of the product from that of the competitors through a simple but attractive manner, the campaign is said to be doing well as it clearly states the product benefits. 


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