Wow skin science in association with Warner Bros launches personal care products


‘Wow’ skin science is one of the growing brands known for sulphate-free skin care products. It has launched an entire line of personal and healthcare products after acquiring the rights for ‘Justice League’ by ‘Warner Bros Media’. This range launches certain products that are used for children’s wellness. And the brand has the right to hold this for two years. Within that particular time, they would have acquired the entire league of characters.

Definitely, this association with Warner Bros will increase the international experience advance in India; also it is simultaneous to ‘Vocal for Local’. Wow skin science focus to boost the E-commerce trend and this association helps to add exquisite value for their products. Here they open up an intact new segment for their target audience which is extremely for DC superhero fans, kids.

Warner Bros vice president, Vikram Sharma comments that they are very excited to become a part of Wow skin science. Also, he mentions that Wow skin science products are paraben and sulphate-free products. And it is the best fit for their company.

Chief executive officer and co-founder of Wow Skin Science,-Manish Chowdhary added that they are also excited about this association and how the product line using the Justice League imagery has transpired. And also this association with Warner Bros will play a vital-role in Wow’s five-year growth strategy. The most essential element in this strategy for wow skin science is to create an independent consumer base and they are confident in the response this is going to get.

The nation’s Vocal for Local campaign also supports us in asphalt our way to global domination.

‘Vocal for local’ which means to not only buy local products but also promote the products proudly.  Wow Skin Science Products are free from Harmful Sulphates and Silicones. Their products are safe, nature-inspired & dermatologically tested.

Nowadays they have a good position in the market. Because today the consumers are looking for naturally inspired products in almost all every region.

Also, the DC Superhero’s are famous, so they can conquer the minds of customers. So they will make a good difference in marketing.