Ayurvedic treatment heals a 47-year-old man with mild Covid-19 symptoms


Mumbai: As the second wave of Covid-19 doomed upon and cases started increasing, Ayushakti Ayurveda saw a large number of patients move to Ayurvedic solutions, especially for mild cases. The health care saw around 45-50 Covid19 positive patients visit them, starting April 2021. These patients mostly had mild symptoms and preferred holistic Ayurvedic treatment.

With queries coming in from global countries like Australia, America, Newzealand, Europe, India. Ayushakti doctors e-consulted them and offered Ayurvedic herbal formulations and diet to recover from Covid.

One such patient was Mr Sounil Bikalal, a businessman from Mumbai, aged 47 years had no prior medical history.

Mr. Bikalal started developing Covid19 related symptoms in early April, and had Fever, Throat Congestion, Breathlessness for 2 days before he came to consult Dr. Smita Naram. He also was feeling weak, and his pulse was low. The team at Ayushakti asked for initial tests to be done and after conducting basic tests and x-rays, it was noticed persistence of some frosted glass damage in chest. Ayushakti then shared the below herbal formulations with Mr. Bikalal.

He was prescribed Swasyog Chintamani, (1-1) twice a day with honey. Along with Asthaloc (6 Tab), D Vyro (6 Tab), Divyashwasjiwan (2 Tab) herbal tablets three times a day and Kaphano syrup (2 tsp thrice a day).

Ayushkati’s Asthaloc and D-Vyro have been published in GLOBAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, and are proven solutions for any Viral Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation.

Along with the prescription of medicines, Ayushakti provided a diet plan which was to be followed for the next few months. Mr. Bikalal was advised to have mung bean soup with fresh cooked vegetables and meals which included mung beans, more of turmeric, ginger, fresh vegetables, jowar, millets, etc and avoiding wheat, dairy, and red meat, sour and fermented which would make him feel energetic and recover faster.


After following this treatment for 30 days, his complaints had reduced leading to no symptoms of fever, with 90% relief in congestion and 80% recovery in breathlessness and weakness. There was an overall 80% recovery from Covid19 through this treatment.

After recovering from Covid19, Mr. Bikalal continued following certain medications under the doctor’s guidance along with a post-recovery diet plan.

(Disclaimer – This treatment can differ from patient to patient, to be followed under expert’s guidance and prescription only)