Baby Care with Huggies and its new Campaign


Huggies, India’s most preferred and high selling baby brand which showcases us a wide range of products extending from carrying mothers to newborn babies and growing up children rolls out a new campaign in front of us, Huggies Nature Care Organic Cotton Diapers for your sunshine.

The underlying factor of this campaign as put forward by Huggies is ensuring and creating more awareness about your baby safety with Organic Cotton Diapers.  

As time passes by, not only parenting has evolved but also the choices we make for our kids have changed over the span.

We have been put in front of varied choices but to make the right among them for your little tot is your talent and here Huggies with its new campaign aims to boost the energy and the confidence in every parent putting forward the most trustable, safest, and long-lasting Diaper pants made with Organic Cotton. 

The innovation of Huggies Organic Cotton Diapers aims in taking care of the delicate skin of the babies putting forward up with the attributes of gentle protection, it enables us with the product which contains 33% of organic cotton in the liner material and no added nasties such as Parabens, Chlorine, Latex and also benefits us almost 12 hours of absorption and a neutral pH liner and a wetness indicator which keep the baby comfortable all night.

This new campaign has not only been a perfect solution for parents who have seeking to give the best gentle care for their babies but also a relief to their unanswered questions for a long period.

Commemorating the campaign Saakshi Varma Memon Marketing Director of Kimberly Clark stated, that as the brand upholds the trust of the parents for their children, the innovation Nature Care with Huggies ensures the same and evolving the needs and solutions in front of you more. 

The campaign also puts forward us the notion in parents that they are making the right decision while choosing Huggies for their rays of sunshine as it’s one of the best outcomes the brand has put in front of us so far which enables the protection and safety of the babies in natural ingredient- Organic Cotton.

The campaign upholds the company’s main purpose of providing better care which remains as the top priority Huggies ensures in their products. 

The company also put forward the Nature Care with Huggies Cotton Diapers in various sizes starting from XS to L. You can purchase this from the offline stores as well as the online main store of Huggies and is also available on Amazon and other shopping apps.

Huggies also has a wide range of products starting from Conception to Pregnancy to New Born Babies to Active Babies.

As the tagline of the brand says, it prepares you for the most beautiful journey in your life and the second hug for your baby should be as comfy as Huggies. Make your choice

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