BBC gives Green Park station a creative touch to celebrate Attenborough show

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Last week the popular broadcasting channel BBC went on to mark the launch of Attenborough’s new show by transforming the Green Park Station with creative art.

The art symbolizes worldly plants and, it is captured beautifully. It was done to mark the launch of David Attenborough’s new show called ‘Green Planet’.

The creative in-house team back at BBC joined to show a creative concept not just to signify beauty, but our environment as well. All around the terminals and platforms, various styles of plant species have been creatively pictured and posted on the walls.

This scene actively creates a new entity in the platform. Entering the station gives a whole new vibe to the passengers. It does its job of educating the passengers about our beautiful environment as well.

BBC put out a tweet along with the pictures stating that as the new show Attenborough launches, they decided to bring the world of plants to the south Victoria line platform of Green Park station.

The entire station has been decked with these beautiful pictures of plants. It not only gives the commuters an immersive experience but also helps them understand the need for saving the shared natural resources that are depleting.

BBC also reported that the station has been temporarily renamed Green Planet for the promotion of the show. The show ‘Green Planet’ has premiered on 9th January 2022.

It is not the first time the British Broadcasting Corporation has done something creative of this sort. In February 2021, to mark the launch of another David Attenborough show called the ‘Perfect Planet’, it displayed a billboard of a monkey on a branch during the day.

It looked like a natural billboard giving a general significance. But at night, one-half of the billboard changes to the night where a fire burns. It reads out the caption of the perfect planet on the green side and for how long on the dark side.

To make it more dramatic actual fire sets the billboard burning to give it a real effect. It tries to signify and make people understand what the world is in for if we don’t start acting soon.

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