BBC StoryWorks launches campaigns around public health messages


BBC StoryWorks launches campaigns highlighting public health messages. The campaigns want public safety and health messages in the pattern of engaging content, to make people informed and aware across different communities, cultures, languages, and platforms about the need to take care of their health.

BBC’s StoryWorks released two campaigns lately. In reaction to the United Nations’ global proclaim to help block the spreading of COVID-19 and to spread awareness about it to the world, the two new campaigns have been released. The internal marked content division of BBC joined in the motivation. The two entries submitted by the internal branded division of BBC were among the thousand seven hundred entries the UN had received.

“Maintain distance. Maintain community” is an animated reflection that explores what physical distancing is and how it looks like and means across the globe. It underlines our differences, similarities, and connections across different continents and cultures. The animation was endorsed by the ‘Someone out There’ by Rae Morris.

“Kindness connects us. Pass it on” shows a video chain of positive feeling moving around the world. By welcoming creators at home to contribute examples of kindness, the campaign includes user-generated content from people all across the world to share the message of positivity.

The campaigns brought together the understandings of BBC StoryWorks’ teams in cities across the globe to create campaigns that transform language and culture. Both the campaigns were generated in ways that avoided the requirement for travel or filming it in close association and therefore held on to the social distancing guidelines which they were promoting.

“By knocking into our global team’s wide creative storytelling expertise, we were able to expertise narratives that span and transcend national boundaries,” said Krystal Bowden, the vice president, BBC StoryWorks Americas.

Dawda Jobarteh, the global head of UN SDG Strategy Hub, said, “We have been moved by the tremendous response to the UN’s Open Brief and the growing efforts of people across the globe who are coming up to help each other during this unprecedented crisis.”. The campaigns will be telecasted across the BBC’s global portfolio as well as on BBC StoryWorks’ social channels and other broadcasters also.


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