‘Be safe with Lupisafe’ campaign by Lupin


According to the current pandemic situation the usage of sanitizer and handwash increasing rapidly. Everyone started to use it themselves to get rid of the virus. At the first stage of this pandemic, everyone was sitting at home without going to work but now everyone is started return to their places of work as usual.

With more people returning to work, there is a lot of anxiety and fear for touching everyday objects that surround us. So based on these circumstances, Lupin has introduced ‘Lupisafe Wipes’ – a wipe consists of 70% alcohol that kills 99.9% germs. Infused with the goodness of aloe vera, Lupin’s wipes are harmless to use on hands, apart from surfaces and gadgets.

Lupin Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company launching Lupisafe, a hand sanitizer brand. Few months back, Contract Advertising, a member of the Wunderman Thompson Group and part of the WPP network, was tasked with showing the effectiveness of the new launch of germ kill wipes. To increase visibility, the campaign ‘Be Safe With Lupisafe’, was introduced during the IPL with a set of 4 short films for TV as well as social media platforms.

About the campaign, Anil Kaushal, Head of OTC Business, Lupin commented that the hand hygiene category in India is growing at a remarkable movement and Lupin has launched a sanitizer brand called Lupisafe a few months back. This is an addition of the brand into wipes having 70% alcohol as recommended by the World Health Organization.

According to this campaign Supratik Sengupta, Head of Marketing, OTC Business, said that Lupisafe is a new product in the section and the company wanted it to be well-known quickly so they chose IPL to launch the campaign to get the desired views in the least possible time.                       

 Ayan Chakraborty, EVP & GM, Contract Mumbai, mention that this is a category that is comparatively new to our country. Facial wipes were always present, but a germ kill wipe is something that has become important in the last few months. The task of the campaign was to create a simple 10 seconds video that educated the consumer on the use of the product in a proper setup.


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